Lattice based encryption for vector databases

Align vector DB security posture with traditional encryption requirements for relational DB. Protect business sensitive and PII content.

  • Encrypt vector embeddings the same way traditional DBs are encrypted at rest

  • Full homomorphic lattice-based encryption are quantum safe

  • Computation over encrypted data allows for vector-based information retrieval in your AI/LLM pipeline

  • Wrapper over existing vector DB

  • Works with: Chroma, Weaviate, Milvus, Redis

Embedding vs Encryption

  • Avoid the common misconception that embeddings in vector DBs are secured

  • Full Homomorphic lattice-based encryption (FHE) keeps your data secured in a post-quantum era

  • FHE supports computation and information retrieval over encrypted vectors

Support for All Major Vector DBs

  • Continue to work on your existing system

  • AigosFHE adds a wrapper to your data ingestion and data retrieval pipeline

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